Being A Kenyan DJ 2018 – Part One

Niaje wasee, today lets talk about being a Kenyan DJ 2018. We all understand hustle hapa nje kupata gigs. So what does it take to be a Kenyan DJ in this co;mpetitive industry.


In my opinion, being a DJ 2018 is more than the normal kucheza mziki people get jazzed and you get paid. Its more than the private gigs kaa weddo, bash, festivals etc

Social Media

Apart from the normal club audience its extremely important you have an active social media presence. Namaanisha uwe na accounts active Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube just to name a few.

What this does, it puts you on the INTERNET map. People may not be at the club to hear and see you do your thing, but they can  find you online and listen to you stuff. Luckily we don’t need websites for such (although it’s extremely important for every Dj to have one), use of sites like Mixcloud, Soundcloud etc have always come in handy.

Like I said, its more than being a kawa DJ, remember, if its scratching and transforming, majority of DJs in Kenya wanaeza fanya hivyo,.. so what differentiates you from them?

What does it take to be a DJ 2018 – Part One;

  • Music

As a DJ 2018, its good to understand your playlists well. Ukiwa na playlist ya ngoma fiti, you don’t have to scratch or do fancy stuff on the wheels to make the crowd go nuts. Plus whats the need to have awesome skills but your playlist sucks? Plus, ever been to a much hyped gig with a super star headlining on for you to end up disappointed. How many times have you preferred your local Dj because of a good playlist compared to some big name elsewhere.

  • Audience

As a DJ, you also need to understand your audience. This can be well achieved by first understanding the type of music you love. You see, Mzito kama DJ Moh huwezi mpata akicheza House Music. He loves Reggae, he can well deliver Reggae to whichever Reggae audience out there because he understands Reggae ndani nje.

  • Updated with New Content

Lets not forget artists and producers are doing music daily, mafans wa kuskiza music wapo, so who’s the intermediary hapa, us DJs. Over time a lot has changed musically. Kitambo due to “fan loyalty” artists would release albums after a period of time (say after 3 months) and guess what, fans would listen to no other artist till their favorite dropped the album. But now times have changed, there ain’t no fan loyalty, today ni Willy Paul, kesho Timmy, kesho kutwa Naiboi etc. As a DJ, be always on the look out for the fresh new music and have a good listening ear (on behalf of your fans).

  • Be Different

Watu wangu, don’t just be that predictable. Usikuwa tu DJ wa Kwangaru time ya hype. Many of you can agree with me Greatness doesn’t just come with playing Hits. In fact, the crowd will appreciate seeing a DJ doing it different be it playing oldskool music at an unexpected hour in a club or giving ladies well wrapped chocolate packets kwa club, bruh, it works fr. Lemmie give you a perfect example, HBR has always at the top (I believe they still reign), but when NRG came about, they played the same music HRR did but kinda fine-tuned theirs. They used Mash ups to those very songs HBR plays and man, people love different  This gave the other station an upper hand -in my opinion. The competition out there is fierce. See, I’m a DJ yes, but I chose to do my thing different. Mayne, someday I hope it shall all work out.

  • Frequency

In whatever you do, consistency will always be key. Assuming you buy milk from a milk vendor outside your home every morning 7AM, after 3 months of nothing but good daily on-time service, he (the vendor) starts skipping a few days. You know what that would mean to the buyer, he’ll opt to use a dependable milk vendor to avoid delivery uncertainties. In this case, we as DJs, in whatever we do, lets always do it consistently. If you do mixes once a month on the 30th, do that without fail and watch the fan loyalty you’ll gain every 30th of every month.

Those are my five key points of being a DJ 2018. Tuonane Part Two. Being a Digital Kenyan DJ 2018

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