#UnizzyEvents 002: National Hungary Day at The Residence of The Ambassador

Hello good peeps, niaje. Its me again, again! Now, 25th of October was a good day. We had the opportunity to offer DJ, Sound and PA services for the National Hungary Day at the Ambassadors residence


The event kicked off around 5PM, manze, ever seen all your dream cars in just a short span of 3o minutes? My friend, 30 Minutes!! (Jungus know how to observe time btw). Anyway, the setup was amazing, the sound was perfect, the ambiance was quite something.

The ceremony started off with the Hungarian National Anthem later on our Kenyan National Anthem. The Ambassador took up the stage 30 minutes later and did a commendable speech. Kuna gift ilipeanwa, new hospital construction plans by the the Hungary Government for us Kenyans among other agendas addressed. Hungarian booze was in plenty as well, (very sweet sweet pombe).

About the music selection, my people, you can dance all day to Hungarian music. Stuff you’ve no single idea what they singing about. Lemmie tell y’all something else, rich people don’t care about the type of music played during such events. Ni sisi maskini husumbuana na Kwangaru kwa club.

By 7:3oPM the event ended and guests allowed to leave at their own pleasure. So yes, that’s how our Hungary National Day event went down. I’d like to give a special shout out to Rachael who gave us the chance to showcase what we do best. Last but not least, special thanks to the Hungarian Embassy for the opportunity and we look forward to doing more business with you moving forward. Would you like us to offer the same (DJ, Sound and PA services) to your upcoming event? Get in touch with Deejay Unizzy now via +254 776 281 276 and be part of our musical journeys.